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  • Strengthen bond with baby: Forging a close bond with your infant is vital to their development. Our wrap keeps baby close to your warm body & heartbeat where they feel safe

  • More comfortable:Baby carriers can help mothers carry their baby better. A soft stool helps the baby fix the buttocks and provide greater support for the baby.

  • The seat is filled with plastic foam. There is no storage space inside the stool. There is no saliva towel and visor. It has the function of horizontal lifting in the newborn stage. It can be used as a strap, can be used as a waist stool, and is easy to operate.

  • Supporting the back, away from the hunchback problem, within 3 months, the physiological curvature of the spine of the baby's thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae has not yet formed, fragile and indefinite, need to support the baby's back with a well-supported pad to fix the spine.

  • When walking, the air flows freely without restriction, accelerates moisture dissipation and heat dissipation, and keeps dry and breathable. Especially suitable for sensitive muscles that are not resistant to "boring". In the walking state, soft support is allowed to float up and down slightly. Irreversible damage to the caudal vertebrae of young children.

  • Colour:GRAY

    Product Name: Baby Carrier

    Material: cotton

    Stool core: EPP foam filling

    Packing weight: 1.5 kg


    1. The air-permeable front window is cool and cool, and the hollow mesh fabric with good softness and permeability is good for air convection to take away heat. The baby quickly absorbs moisture after sweating, and spreads and evaporates sweat, which is refreshing and comfortable.

    2, sunscreen sleep cap, select the skin-friendly mesh cloth to sew the head cap to resist the outdoor sun and dust in summer. The vacuum pores facilitate air convection, and are breathable and comfortable for the baby to sleep.

    3, breathable IXPE shoulder straps are resistant to heavy shoulders, select 10mm perforated IXPE foam to make inner filling, enhance support, and breathe without losing comfort. The thin shoulder strap is not resistant to pulling and does not resist heavy weight.

    4, widen the filling belt away from the waist pain, select 10mm vent hole pearl cotton flat filling, widen the belt to 14CM, disperse the weight to the full waist. Using a thin soft waistband, it is easy to cause damage to the lumbar spine and lumbar muscles.

    5, anti-head head pad, adapt to the baby's horizontal hugs sleeping posture, according to the principle of the shaped pillow, soft sponge elastic filling, groove slope protection design evenly diffuse, keep the baby good head shape.

    TLTLYEBD Baby Carrier Multi-Function Horizontal Hug Waist Stool Front Hug Baby Strap Cool Breathable Baby Support Strap Multi-Color Optional (Color : Gray) - B07QGDHS1M

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