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  • ✱ extensive UV disinfection, energy saving, UV combined with ozone sterilization, high efficiency, fast speed, and long service life of 5000 hours

  • ✱ barely ultraviolet rays quickly destroy the DNA decomposed by bacteria, and the combination of high-tech ozone penetration and sterilization is more thorough.

  • ✱ Houseware, nail tools, prevent bacteria and feces from spreading, manicure props, disinfection for 20-30 minutes after each use, sterilization more thoroughly, medical supplies disinfection, hairdressing tools disinfection glasses disinfection

  • ✱ Is convenient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and has a strong sterilization effect, Such as hairdressing tools, nail tools, disinfection equipment, etc.

  • ✱ Extremely energy-saving, power consumption is equivalent to 1/100 of ordinary light bulbs, so you can rest assured that there is no need to worry about electricity bills.

  • Steriliser
    ✔Product specifications
    ღ Name: Single-layer UV disinfection cabinet
    ღ Power: 8W
    ღ Voltage: 220V-240v/110v-120v
    ღ Color: white body + blue drawer
    ღMaterial: ABS + AS
    ღ Size: 41*30*17cm
    ღ Weight: 1.5kg
    ღ function: disinfection
    ღPacking specification: neutral packaging
    Ultraviolet light is a spectral sterilization that kills microorganisms by destroying microbial nucleic acids. Instant sterilization, UV sterilization is a physical sterilization method.
    ღUV radiation can break down cellular nucleic acids, leading to cell necrosis, sterilization and aphids
    Reluctant ozone + high-efficiency ultraviolet double stereo disinfection is indeed a long-lasting cycle sterilization
    It has a significant impact on the various reproductive bacteria encountered in daily life.
    ღ Delivery time is 7 to 20 days, if you do not receive the order within 30 days, please contact us.
    ღThis package contains only this product and does not contain any decorative elements related to the image.

    Steriliser UV Steriliser Drawer Disinfector Mobile Portable Beauty Salon Spa Tattoo Nail Hair Tools Equipment - Nail Tool Detox - B07LFCPRPQ

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