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  • The disinfection cabinet that is heated and disinfected is heated by the infrared heating tube, and the temperature in the cabinet rises to 70 degrees Celsius to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

  • The disinfection cabinet can replace the ordinary cupboard and play a cleaning role to avoid secondary pollution of clean dishes.

  • Disinfection cabinets should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not less than 30 cm from the wall. Do not open the door when it is not necessary during disinfection to avoid affecting the effect.

  • The disinfection cabinet should be placed horizontally in a dry and ventilated place with no debris around it, and should not be less than 30cm from the wall.

  • When using, if the quartz heating tube is not heated, or the "beep" sound generated by the high-voltage discharge of the ozone generator is not heard, the disinfection cabinet is out of order and should be stopped.

  • Steriliser
    Installation method: embedded
    Appearance: Double door
    Capacity: 101-120L
    Disinfection temperature: high temperature disinfection (greater than 100 degrees Celsius)
    Disinfection method: UV
    Disinfection time: ≥60min
    Power supply voltage: 220 (V)
    Power frequency: 50 (Hz)
    Rated power: 515 (W)
    Net weight: 26KG
    Gross weight: 30KG
    Panel material: tempered glass
    Packing size: two stars
    Is there a child lock: there is a child lock
    Stacking layer limit: 3 layers
    Smart type: does not support intelligence
    Control method: Microcomputer
    Opening and closing method: front opening

    Steriliser 120L Disinfection Cabinet Built-in Kitchen Disinfection Cupboard - B07L56HQNL

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