Kay Kelly from Stamford People website attended the first Cosy Concert on Thursday 7th February in Stamford, with her four-year old daughter. Here is her account of the experience, taken from the Stamford People website:

With two young children of her own, Eleanor has first-hand experience of the difficulties encountered when taking them along to classical music performances.

This, and her passion for introducing children of all ages to classical music, led Eleanor to set up her new venture.

The debut concert was held at Stamford United Reformed Church Hall, in Broad Street. Tickets cost £4 per adult with babies and children free.

Parents and carers were invited to bring babies and children - along with home comforts such as cushions, toys, a snack and drink - and listen to top-quality classical music in a relaxed atmosphere.

Before the concert Eleanor, who has won numerous international awards, said: "Some carers may encourage their children to sit and listen quietly, but can feel safe in the knowledge that it is a genuinely relaxed setting.

"Children can cry, scream, play noisily with cars, crunch biscuits, roll around on the floor or come right up close to the instruments - it is all part of the experience for them of discovering live music."

I took along my four-year-old daughter and after just a few minutes she proclaimed - unprompted I might add - that the music was 'fantastic'.

Eleanor played a half-hour repertoire featuring wide-ranging pieces including Debussy's Clair de Lune, Purcell's Ground in C Minor and Kosma's Autumn Leaves.

There was even a chance for the youngsters to join in with a couple of jazz pieces by playing small percussion instruments Eleanor had brought along with her.

The opportunity to try out their strumming skills on a small harp also proved popular.

Everyone I spoke to hailed the event a huge success and it was difficult to tell whether the children or adults enjoyed it the most.

The concert concluded with the opportunity for the grown-ups to buy coffee and a slice of cake, with free squash and a biscuit for the little ones.

There's no doubt we will be attending as many more Cosy Concerts as a four-year-old's hectic social schedule will allow.

For information about future Cosy Concerts visit the website athttp://www.cosyconcerts.co.uk/