PAST CONCERTS - check  back atfer Summer 2017 for new dates :)


from Africa, with Eliza Marshall

10am Thursday 11th May

Eliza Marshall performs on a variety of flutes from Africa and will include many hits from The Lion King film and musical. Eliza is the official flautist for The Lion King West End musical, as well as performing internationally with Irish fusion band Ranagri. She takes time from her hectic schedule to visit us in Stamford for what is sure to be a very popular concert! Book here.

Below is a video of Eliza performing in her band Ranagri, it's an Irish folk song called 'High Germany'

8 June Eleanor Turner Solo Harp - book here

10-11am Craft activity with Alice was cancelled

Parents/carers must be responsible for their children at all times.

After the concert, children may be invited to try a performer's instrument, or to join in with playing some small percussion instruments. Although children will be encouraged to join in, parents should ensure that the performer is present and supervising at these times. This will ensure that nobody gets hurt and no instrument gets damaged.

Carers can encourage their children to sit and listen quietly IF that is something the child is able to do, but should feel safe in the knowledge that it is a genuinely relaxed setting - children laugh, chatter, cry, scream, play with toys, dance around, roll around on the floor and come right up close to the instruments - it is all part of the experience for them of discovering live music! 

Here is a map showing the car parks of Stamford.